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Do you find yourself wasting time performing the same tasks daily, weekly or monthly?

Are you faced with any of these challenges?

The need to create an Excel macro to do a major task?

A repetitious job in Excel that takes hours or days to do manually?

Being asked to create an Excel macro to solve a major need?

The need to convert raw data into useful Excel format?

The need to create an Excel macro for use by many people in your company?

A tight deadline?

CDLIT provides Excel consulting and support services to those who do not have the time,resources and/or expertise to create Excel/VBA applications in-house. CDLIT can quickly and inexpensively create new custom applications, debug or modify existing applications, or help you with data analysis, "cleanup", or data manipulation.

AT CDLIT, we can help you:

  • Import data from your new ERP system.
  • Auto-create sophisticated reports which are actually useful for running your business.
  • Automate the mundane task of formatting weekly reports.
  • Automatically generate charts and pivot tables.
  • Develop bullet-proof user interfaces for collecting meaningful information.
  • Develop complete custom spreadsheet applications tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Automate repetitive and routine tasks.
  • Eliminate manual errors and reduce turn-around-time from hours to minutes.
  • Faster processing to meet your tight deadlines.
  • Debug existing spreadsheet formulas and VBA code.
  • Spreadsheet Tune-up.
  • Reduce your file size and recalculation times.
  • Review formulas and make them more efficient.
  • Make the application less complex and low-maintenance.
  • Create a user friendly interface and more professional apperance.
  • Create a more robust, tamper-proof, and user-proof application.
  • Data merging, cleanup and manipulation.



CDLIT Pty. Ltd. is based in Brisbane, Australia catering to individuals, and small to medium size business owners.

We promise a well planned solution for your business, which will enhance your credibility and streamline your business processes. We listen to what you want and guide you through the process step by step.

We will guide you through in easy to understand language and offer our services at affordable pricing with on-site or remote assignments to meet your specific needs.


Even if there are no positions currently vacant, please feel free to send in your resume to and we shall keep your resume on file for future reference.

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For any information or requests, please do not hesitate in contacting us.Alternatively, fill in the webform for a prompt response. No job is too big or too small.

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