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We provide Excel consulting services to those who do not have the time, resources or expertise to create Excel/VBA applications in-house. We can quickly and inexpensively create new custom applications, debug or modify existing applications.

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Welcome To CDLIT

We are an Australian I.T consultancy based in Brisbane and now has recently moved to south of the river in Perth. Because we focus on success for our clients, CDLIT has developed and deployed rock solid systems to small and medium business as well as local government. They include retailers, businesses, charities and public organizations. We improve upon your success by offering high end custom programming, database development, enterprise consultants and high level consulting services. If you are just getting started or are a major player in the industry we can assist you with all your I.T. infrastructure and application development needs.

The ease of emails and file transfers enables us to work with anyone across the country. Communication is key to a successful project and we want to establish a relationship of clear communication to meet your needs. At CDLIT we believe that working closely with a client will deliver a solution that more accurately fits your needs. That is why we quite often perform our work on site and deliver and deploy solutions in increments for your perusal and approval.


Our Solutions

Web Design and Development

Our professional web designers offer all aspects of the web design process from setting up domain name and hosting. We can even help with the preparation and planning process as well as content organisation and sourcing of images. Our services can include:

  1. website design
  2. website development (programming and database design)
  3. domain name registration
  4. web hosting

Database Development and Reporting

We develop custom built databases to help build your business and track information in a way that makes sense for you. If you have an existing database, we can create reports to streamline business practices. We can design, program and build the software, database and reports to meet your needs.


Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) we can automate anything from simple to complex tasks in Microsoft Word, Excel or Access. Instead of you spending hours every week doing the same series of tasks, simply click a button and move on. We can create Word Wizards to help guide you through common tasks similar to the ones already built into the Microsoft Office suite. We can help you with:

  1. Custom Excel Applications
  2. Financial Modeling
  3. Reports
  4. VBA Macros
  5. Formula Help
  6. Data Cleanup
  7. Word wizard creation
  8. Word template creation

SEO Services

Our internet services include building e-commerce or informational web pages and driving customers to your site by optimizing each page so that those searching for your keywords will find you. Our web optimization service will work to keep your ranking in the top percentile so customers will get to your site. We will create a brand new site and host it or we can help you optimize your current site to get more business!

At CDLIT, we believe in making you life easier, so if you live in the south east queensland area we’d love to meet in person! If you’re situated in another part of the country, no problem; we’ll communicate via telephone, emails and file transfers.



CDLIT Pty. Ltd. is based in Brisbane, Australia catering to individuals, and small to medium size business owners.

We promise a well planned solution for your business, which will enhance your credibility and streamline your business processes. We listen to what you want and guide you through the process step by step.

We will guide you through in easy to understand language and offer our services at affordable pricing with on-site or remote assignments to meet your specific needs.


Even if there are no positions currently vacant, please feel free to send in your resume to and we shall keep your resume on file for future reference.

Positions Vacant

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For any information or requests, please do not hesitate in contacting us.Alternatively, fill in the webform for a prompt response. No job is too big or too small.

Contact us today!

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Phone: +61 411 724 405
Address: 217 Paganoni Road
                  Golden Bay 6176